Darktown Trilogy, Book One, Rehc Taht Fables


Paperback 77 pages

Publisher: Small and Crummy Publications (14 Nov 2005)

Language English ISBN: 0954639707

Written and illustrated by Andrew Crummy

Designed by Shirley Anne Murdoch

Edited by Carmel Daly

Small and Crummy Publications


This is the story of young Ninel Gink and the people and town of Rehc Taht; the most northerly European town in the world. They live in darkness most of the year and are surrounded by ice, listen to the radio phone-in programmes and love the telephone. It is a political satire on the history of Britain. An ecological parable for our times. Based on the fictional town of Rehc Taht, this story shows a loving, deep respect and fascination for the Inuit culture and history. This is one in a series of three books: Rehc Taht Fables, Age of Discovery and Darktown After Dark. This is an ongoing project that was started in 1988.


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