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Cancer Tapestry

Under Construction

In 2017 I went through cancer treatment, through this I began speaking to Rod Mountain, an ENT surgeon who suggested I should create a Cancer Tapestry. When I was getting chemotherapy treatment my oncologist Dr Ioanna Nixon noticed I was sketching in the hospital and encourage me to keep drawing. After my treatment Ioanna (who is now working at The Beatson) and Rod began the journey with me to create this tapestry, later joined by Gillian Hart. The idea is to show the science of the journey when going through Cancer Treatment. To show the caring and compassion which is an important part of this journey. The aim is to get a 1000 people to add to the tapestry. During the Covid lockdown Heather Swinson completed the first panel, which was presented to the Scottish Health Secretary jeans Freeman to put in the final stitch. This panels tells many stories and has involved many people including doctors, nurses, etc. Jo Allen  Heather's daughter made a beautiful film to tell its story. At present their are 10 panels up and running and I have completed three paintings based on my experience. We have panels in Walton on Thames, Glasgow, Dundee, East Lothian and Leeds. And hoping to expand.

Heather's story

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