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The Bedrock
The Bedrock

The Bedrock


Booklet: 38 pages

Publisher: Maclean Dubois (March 2015)

Language English ISBN: 978-0-956527-85-1

Poem by Henry Marsh

Designed by Iain McIntosh




A collection of poems by Henry Marsh, inspired by The Great Tapestry of Scotland


'Since the publication some years ago of Henry Marsh’s highly regarded first collection, the reputation of the poet has grown considerably. The hallmarks of his work are sensitivity, gentleness, and a profound feeling for history. It is the last of these qualities that now comes to the fore in this new collection of poems inspired by The Great Tapestry of Scotland. Each of these poems speaks to and illuminates one of the Tapestry’s panels, enabling us to appreciate Andrew Crummy’s images with greater understanding. To look at a panel of The Great Tapestry of Scotland is an engaging experience; to do so with Henry Marsh’s words in our mind makes the encounter even more moving.’- Alexander McCall Smith



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