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The Great Tapestry of Scotland: The Making of a Masterpiece

by Susan Mansfield and Alistair Moffat



Publication Date: 03 September 2013


Repubsished and updated July 2021

Paperback (also available as an eBook)

Publisher: Birlinn Limited



Link to Birlinn website



"From the Birlinn website:


"This is the story behind the making of The Great Tapestry of Scotland – the story of drawing history, finding wools and linens, searching for stitchers, stunning embroidery and a world-record beating work of art.

The brainchild of bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith, historian Alistair Moffat, and artist Andrew Crummy, the Great Tapestry of Scotland is an outstanding celebration of Scottish history and achievement from the end of the last Ice Age to the 21st century. More than 1,000 volunteer stitchers, led by stitch coordinator Dorie Wilkie, worked for 55,000 hours using 300 miles of wool to create the 160 panels of this extraordinary work of art.

Using a range of embroidery skills and working on Scottish linen, men, women and youngsters from every corner of the country translated Andrew Crummy’s artwork into a colourful, skilful and textural depiction of the history of Scotland and in doing so recorded a remarkable people’s story."

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