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Thread sculpture
Thread Sculpture thread and needle
Thread Sculpture and Stairs

The Great Tapestry of Scotland Thread Sculpture

Launched at The Great Tapestry of Scotland Galashiels


Opened August 2021

Architects Page and Park

Operated by Live Borders

Scottish Borders Council

5 star rating from Visit Scotland

The sculpture inside is fabricated by  Sculpture and Design Glasgow

The thread in the paving was developed through the contractor.

The Thread sculpture starts as a thread in the street paving and leads the visitor to the GToS building then up the stairs to the main gallery.

In the colour threads are the names of the 1000 stitchers who embroidered the artwork. These threads are gathered into the eye of needle, which is pointing to the main gallery. The Golden woman, who is made of brass, represents these stitchers. The idea came from conversation with Alistair Moffat and Ewan Doyle. Which I then developed into a series sketches.

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Tapestry design and drawing copyright © Andrew Crummy


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