Midland Bank Murals 1988 - 91


I was working as an illustrator in London, when in 1988 I recieved a commission from Finch RS, because of the black and white illustrations I had completed for NME, to do do a temporary hoarding mural in Oxford Street for Midland Bank, who were opening a new type of user friendly bank. But I had to complete it in two weeks. I had never painted at this scale before. I had never painted outside in a public setting. The Bank, through Bob Pearson, commissioned me to do a further 10 murals around the UK in Baker Street, High Street Kensington, Barkingside and a further one in Oxford Street. Other murals were in Middlesborough, Jersey, Blackpool, Sheffield and Slough.

The murals averaged in length between 70 to 200 feet long and were usually completed within a month.

The first mural I completed with Fiona Small (we called ourselves Small and Crummy) and assisted by Richard Barnett. Further assistants in future murals were Caroline Norman and Elinor Stiener.


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