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Craigmillar Tapestry


Under construction

each panel is 50cm by 50cm

An ongoing project that traces the history of Craigmillar. The project started in 2010 by the late Helen Crummy, with Lindsey Watt headteacher at Castleview Primary School. Later on supported through The Thistle Foundation by Dani Waddell, Katie Quinn and now Will Golding. Now involving many in the Craigmillar Community.

The aim was to use the archive of Craigmillar Now housed in Craigmillar Arts Centre now to help create the images. The archive has grown in the community over many years. 

The starting point is The book by Helen Crummy's book "Mine a rich Vien". The first stages of the panels was launched was launched in Feb 2017 as part of World Community Arts Day. The original aim was to celebrate and name as many as possible who help create the Craigmillar Festival Society, but now attempts to tell the story based on Helen Crummy's timeline from the Niddrie Stone to the present day. 

At present 20 panels are up and running.

Craigmillar Now

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