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The Great Tapestry of Scotland


Foreword by Alexander McCall Smith

by Alistair Moffat


First publication date: 07 November 2013


Republished and updated: July 2021


Format: Hardback 

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd


Link to Birlinn website


It tells the story of Scotland from its formation millions of years ago to the opening of present day.


As the designer of The Great Tapestry of Scotland I drew out every one of the 164 panels, which measures 1 metre high and 142 metres long. The Tapestry is a timeline starting with the formation of the rocks that would become Scotland to the present day. It was designed in a way, that although it is stitched in many communities, when it is brought together, it should become one artwork. The grid that underpins the design means that it is split into 10cm squares within the 1m square design. It involved over 1000 stitchers. The chief stitcher was Dorie Wilkie. The idea came from Alexander McCall Smith and storyline devised by Alistair Moffat.


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