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Far in the mist of time (late eighties and early nineties) I was writing, singing and recording songs with a few friends in London. Ed Dudley and Joolz Sparks were my main co creators, but also Fraser McLean and Kate Carrick. Joolz and I spent many hours creating songs on a 4 track recorder and keyboard.

Joolz and I performed I think only twice in the bar below my flat called The Purple Turtle in the Sunday afternoon singer/songwriters open session.

I did many recordings by myself, with a keyboards and my very limited skills. They have been hidden away for many years. When I was ill I had time to rediscover these recordings. I really enjoyed doing these. So began to put them online on Reverberation in 2017. And got a few positive comments. 

So far I have be able to put them into three sort of albums. They are a cross between folk, pop and rock.

So here are a few of the Essex Road recordings with my own images. Beware they are a lot more and we may start recording again!

The Velour Tapes are really Ed, Joolz, myself and others.  Produced by Ed Dudley.


The Queen Bess tapes are really a more folksy affair.

The third album "Songs to be sung" was in fact my first collection of songs

One track from The Velour tapes you can buy on bandcamp.

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