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Whom Dykes Divide


Written by Helen Crummy 

ISBN 978-0-9546397-4-7 

Designed by Shirley Anne Murdoch 

Illustrations by Andrew Crummy 

Edited by Carmel Daly 

Small and Crummy Publications/Paperback/117 pages/ Language English 


It is a novel telling the story of the Niddrie Coalbearers. It is Helen Crummy's her third and final book charting the history of Craigmillar, Edinburgh and its people. Whom Dykes Divide is an historical novel tracing the history of two mining families in the Niddrie and Newcraighall area of the Lothian Coalfield in Scotland. The main purpose of the book is to explore and highlight in a way that has not been done before the extreme poverty and the appalling working conditions of Scotland`s collier families and the manner in which they were tied to their pits by deprivation and legalised slavery. The principal characters are fictional (except the landowners) but the social and historical setting is based on fact. An authentic backcloth for the events described in the book has been provided by the author’s research into the history and development of the Niddrie and Newcraighall areas over the last six centuries. This book is dedicated to the memory of Agnes Moffat, a ten year old coalbearer.


WHOM DYKES DIVIDE is the final part of three books that document the history of Craigmillar. 


Whom Dykes Divide

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